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Training For Baseball

Training For Baseball
Training For Baseball

Everybody loves Baseball season, especially when the STL Cardinals are crushing it! While baseball is a passion for many athletes, it is important to make sure that you are training in the best way possible to avoid any injuries that could potentially occur. As an ex-member of the STL Cardinals, Dr. Bagwe has seen his fair share of lower extremity injuries in the sport of baseball, and one firm recommendation is – keep active, and exercise important muscles that contribute to strength and core stability.

So, how and what do I workout?

There are different types of workouts that can help benefit a baseball player. Understanding your body will allow you to identify different exercises that fit your body type, and if you don’t already have a routine in mind be sure to test different movements. Some of the best exercises that baseball players can do during this season (and during the off-season) are:

  • Backward lunges
  • Drop lunge
  • Leg cradles
  • Mini-band lateral walks
  • Sprinter starts
  • Reach and roll lifts
  • Split squats
  • Goblet squats
  • Lateral bound
  • Medicine ball rotational throw

These exercises will help you, as a player, increase power and strength in different muscle groups around the body. It’s important to make sure that every targeted muscle group is worked on to avoid injuries.

Prevention of Injuries

While there are many positives to playing baseball, there could be some negatives as well. Injuries are no joke when it comes to playing a professional sport and can be a major inconvenience at work, school and/ or everyday life. There are many ways that an athlete, or a non-athlete, can prevent sports injuries including;

Get a Physical examination – before the season, it is important to make sure to get an exam to make sure everything in your body is working correctly and that your health is in order.

Always Warm-up – it’s extremely important to warm up before any meet. Taking at least five to ten minutes to properly stretch and get your body ready for a game is important for avoiding injuries.

Stay Hydrated – make sure you are always drinking water or a drink with electrolytes to keep yourself hydrated. This is especially important since our body uses a lot of water in order to function properly and perform efficiently.

About Dr. Bagwe

Dr. Bagwe is a leading orthopedic surgeon specializing in ankle and foot reconstruction. If you are looking for an orthopedic surgeon near you then look no further. Dr. Bagwe is an industry leader when it comes to foot and ankle surgery doctors in St. Louis. Dr. Bagwe and his friendly and professional team is ready to welcome you and tell you everything you need to know.

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